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Make a Statement. Join the Movement.

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If you're reading this then you are probably wondering what this #curvetastic tees thing is all about. Well, a few months ago I had the idea of printing some shirts to go along with our line of curvy dresses. But I wanted to go beyond that, I wanted the shirts to be empowering. I wanted them to be unapologetic and in your face just like my own curves. In the design process I then realized that these shirts could do more than make a statement.  

The concept of #curvetastic tees is not only spreading the message of body positivity but also helping organizations that work directly with individuals in achieving self love and acceptance.

Our slogan is “Make a statement. Join the movement.” And by this we mean that we are committed to donating a percentage of each shirt sold to a featured organization. You, our customer will not only be wearing a statement shirt, you will be empowering individuals in their journey to self love.

I am so excited about all the people we'll reach! Join in the movement with us!

Remember to  hashtag #curvetastic





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